I came to photography by a very circular route. Like many of us, I have been doing something artistic since I was a child - I was always drawing or painting. I took a few art courses in college but decided early on that it wasn't the career for me. However, I kept my hand in by running a craft business while raising my 3 children. It wasn't until I was given a digital camera by my sister-in-law that I finally found the perfect way to express myself and my life has never been the same since.

In using photography as my medium, I love the idea of being able to stop time and then shape that captured moment to create what it is that I feel the scene and I are trying to convey. There is a photo taken in 1931 by Eva Besnyo that captures a street in Berlin so completely that every time I see it, I feel that I could walk right into it. That is the motivation for much of my art: to create that kind of atmosphere - a kind of "time travel". I want someone to look at my work and feel a sense of recognition, a sort of déjà vu, just the slightest hint that there is a shared memory between us.

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